Hey! Want piano lessons? Need a photoshoot? I offer this and much more! I am:

Greg Wilson

Cell: 918-977-1015
Home: 316-351-7563
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13th & West St. - Contact for details
Wichita, KS 67203

About Me & My Services

elcome to the online home of Selah Creative Services, which is the sole proprietorship of myself, Greg Wilson. I am a graduate of Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville, OK, (Spring 2014) with a BA in Music, with piano emphasis. On this site you will find the various creative services that I'd love to serve you with and share with you, which are essentially:
  • Music Lessons taught from my apartment w/ full-sized weighted keyboard or instrument student is learning
  • Live Music - I am a singer-songwriter, performing on piano and voice as well as guitar and voice, and additionally I am an improviser on piano and violin (for background music at your restaurant or business or senior living center)
  • Photography and Video Production - I use a Nikon 1 - J1 - a compact DSLR - quality pictures and HD video - I love it! Just check out that part of the site for examples..
  • Graphic and Web Design - I designed this site and see link above in menu for graphic design examples (besides this site).
  • Original Sheet Music Compositions - I am a composer - for small ensemble, choir, orchestra, and band.
  • Recording Studio - With 2 high quality mic's for recording voice and other instruments, plus a keyboard which can record virtual instruments with use of laptop hooked up.
  • Movie/TV/Commercial scoring - I write and produce orchestrally or with your virtual instruments of choice.

    Why "Selah"?

    ou may be wondering, "Why Selah creative services?" Or, "what does Selah mean?" Those are great questions! Let me tell you the answers. "Selah" is actually a Hebrew term found in the Psalms of the Bible. It usually comes after the writer has said something else of importance. My understanding of the word is that it can denote doing a musical interlude in which one is supposed to meditate on what has just been said in the psalm. Thus, a "Selah" seems to be a time when the music itself can be expressing the truth spoken before, dramatically. And this is what I want my creative services to do - to beautifully express truth through the mediums of music, with or without lyrics, as well as photography and graphic design. (A good photo can make a truth statement just as music can - for example, a wedding picture expressing the beauty and truth of marital LOVE.)

    I seek for music and graphic design to be infused with and inspired by God's Spirit and His goodness. As in all life, without God, things become ultimately meaningless and empty - lacking the joy, the hope, and the truth of eternal life with our creator. "This is eternal life, that [we] might know [Him], the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom [He] has sent" (John 17:3). Thus, I want my music, especially, to be an overflow of my grounding in God and His word, even if it is instrumental music, which can still convey the Spirit with joy, peace, etc. I hope to be a blessing to you. : )


    ou can find various rates I charge for these different creative avenues on their respective sites. However, I want this to be about the working of God's Spirit, though, and not about just getting money. However, I do need to provide for myself! : ) Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site, and I'd love to talk to you about whatever you might be wanting, or about any questions you may have. Thank you, and may God and the Lord Jesus be near you.

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