Graphic & Web Design

Graphic Design

I thoroughly enjoy putting graphics, colors, lines, fades, and text together to create a special statement, be it a poster letting people know of an upcoming concert, a CD album cover, or a poignant wedding invitation. See the links below to view my work, and don't forget to check out the graphics I did for my web design as well on the right side of this page!!

Business Cards
--"Paleterias Tropicana" Restaurant Cards

CD Covers
--EXALT YHVH - CD cover
--Baruch HaShem - CD Cover & Back
--Every Tribe, Every Tongue - CD Cover & Back
--Songs from the Heart - CD Cover & Back
--Beloved - CD Cover & Back
--Words of Our Lord - CD Cover & Back
--The Fruit of the Spirit - CD Cover

--"Shalom" Greeting Card
--"Aaronic Blessing" Greeting Card

--Blessed Be The Name - Recital Program - 12/4/16
Web Design (With Original Graphics Included)

I am experienced with HTML and CSS coding, and combined with a creative mind, I can produce a sharp looking site for your business or what have you. The following are some examples of sites I have created:

--"Bought With A Price Music" - My Band Website - logo by myself as well
--"Mishpat V'Chesed Ministries" - My Ministry Website - logo by myself as well
--"Selah Creative Services" - My Business Website - logo by myself as well
--"Selah Music Studio" - My Music Studio - logo by myself as well
-- "" - Incomplete Forum Site - Header graphic with links by myself
--"Viribus Leonis Fitness" Basic Layout - Header/Logo by myself

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