Photography & Video


Credit goes to Nikon for building the quality camera I used! (focusing, etc..), and to God for creating the beauty!

Below are links to different pages featuring different categories of my photography:

-Gregg Wedding
-More to come - Under Construction

I enjoy capturing special scenes in the form of a picture, whether it be the beauty of nature, a loved one, or city features.

I use a Nikon 1 - J1 Compact DSLR camera, taking high quality images with focusing. I can also take HD videos. It is like a bigger DSLR camera, except compact. Below is a photo of the camera:

Video Production

Whether you want to make a video from scratch or just have me edit your raw footage, I can help. I have tripod and camera to take High Definition videos, and can come film you.. Or, I can use my software to input your raw video, cut out parts of it, make it flow, add text and transitions, or add music to it, etc! Check out the following videos I've made for an example of what I can do:

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