Hola! Soy Gregorio (o Gregory en inglés). Vivo en Wichita, KS, y tengo veintiocho años. Soy Americano, pero estudié español para cuatro o cinco años en escuela en Téjas. Soy fluido en inglés y yo sé los expresiones informal. Si quieres aprender inglés, yo puedo ayudarte! Yo doy lecciones privadas a ti, donde tu puedes tener ayuda personalizado. Usaríamos varios materiales para ayudar en el proceso de aprendizaje.

Contactame hoy si estás interesado!
Basics of Biblical Hebrew

I, Greg Wilson, am available to tutor anyone wanting to learn Hebrew for $15/hour ($10/half hour) via Skype or Zoom or in person (pay via paypal or however else you want), and we would use The First Hebrew Primer, third edition, by Ethelyn Simon, Irene Resnikoff, and Linda Motzkin, as well as other free resources. I have found the above text to be very good and well-organized, building on what was taught as it progresses… I took Modern Hebrew around 1-2 years in college at the University of Oklahoma, which overlaps with Biblical Hebrew a lot, and from there, I have studied and learned via the above textbook, the Interlinear Bible, the Strong's concordance, and other online resources.. I started Hebrew in about 2009, and have studied on and off since then.

So examples of things we would cover would be:

1. Alphabet (Alef-bet): learn names of letters, and how to write them, block-style and cursive-style
2. Vowel markings: the dots and dashes around the letters that tell you what vowel sound comes after the consonant. (There is not really letters for vowels in Hebrew, except when a vav letter turns into an "oh" or "oo" sound, and when the Ayin and Alef letters can become vowel sounds if you add marks around them.
3. Start growing your arsenal of vocabulary
4. Various one-letter prefixes added on to the beginning of words, meaning things like "the", "and", etc…
5. Prepositions
6. Pronouns
7. Numbers
8. Verbs
9. Study the TANAKH (Old Testament)!! - read out loud and write! - Using interlinear bible, or available online at, and do word studies using Strong's concordance..
10. Writing Hebrew with calligraphy/fountain pen, if interested!!

If interested, you can contact me at or 918-977-1015 and we can chat, and then if you want to begin, you can order the textbook online - just google it. Lastly, I am 28 years old and a believer in Jesus/Yeshua. May you be blessed!


I took 4 or 5 years of Spanish in middle and high school, and it's really stuck with me. I also work in a Hispanic restaurant, so am speaking Spanish a good deal of time per week! I can help you with Beginning Spanish and Intermediate, but am limited when it comes to Advanced content.

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